Tips for Organising Your Storage Space

Posted on: 24 January 2018

A self storage unit is a great way to keep excess belongings safe, whether over a short or long period. No matter how long you're going to keep items in storage, however, your storage experience will go more smoothly if you organise your space. Whether it's just to simplify loading and unloading or to help you find things you need from among your stored items, these simple organisation tips will help make using your storage unit easier. 

Leave some space

It's tempting to cram as many boxes as you can into your storage space -- after all, you're paying for it and you want to get as much for your money as you can. But efficient use of space isn't worth much if you have to unload half of the unit every time you want to get something. Even emptying the space for final moving will be easier if you give yourself a little room to manoeuvre. Arrange your boxes and other items in a U-shape, leaving a central space clear if at all possible. If you're dealing with a bigger storage space, you may want to create multiple aisles. Extra space doesn't just make finding things easier; it's also good for your items. Leaving an inch or two between stacks and walls will help air circulate, keeping clothes and books smelling fresh. 

Label clearly 

You may think you'll remember each box's contents as you pack, but to prevent hours of searching it's best to label every box clearly. Use permanent marker on cardboard boxes and tape or adhesive labels on other containers. Airtight clear plastic boxes are a handy storage tool, but don't assume you'll be able to identify their contents just because they're translucent; label them as well. Labels may need updating as you add or remove items, so keep a spare marker and roll of tape or labels near the entrance of your storage unit. 

Store difficult items together

Not everything in your self storage unit will be easy to fit into a storage box. Irregularly shaped items like lawnmowers, garden tools, musical instruments, bicycles, appliances and so on can take up a large amount of room relative to their size. Try to minimise the effect by storing them in the same area. Use large containers like plastic refuse bins or storage drawers to store smaller items. One way to deal with larger items is to take them apart as much as possible; removing a lawnmower's handle or a bicycle's wheels can help it fit easily into a smaller space. 


Storing my household

Last year I was offered a really awesome 12-month work secondment in New York, but of course I couldn't take all of my stuff over there as I have a 4 bedroom house here and I sure wasn't able to afford that in New York! I had to go through the process of packing everything up so that I was able to rent a furnished place over there then come back to all of my belongings. This blog is all about how to be an efficient packer and how to store your items properly if you are heading away for a period of time.