Interesting Facts about Slimline Tanks

Posted on: 13 September 2017

The amazing feeling one gets as a home owner knowing you have this small and customised tank that can perfectly fit in your backyard leaving adequate space for the kids to play, the lawn to grow or even a pathway one can walk through. The modern innovation referred to as the slimline tank can be considered as simplicity with a focus on space and function. Slimline tanks are well-manufactured water storage facilities which come in smaller sizes than the regular tanks to make use of the limited spaces in our homes. The slimline tanks, therefore, offer an excellent solution for home owners, especially those with little space to install a full-sized water tank. Another important thing about the tanks is that one can take their measurements to the manufacturers and have customised slimline tanks according to their specifications. Here are a few important features about the slimline tanks you need to know.

  1. Exceptional Manufacturing to Support the Design of the Slimline Tanks –To get the tanks to be slim yet support the weight and pressure of water, the manufacturers had to consider a lot of calculations. Typically, a tank of this sort would yield to the pressure as the measurements are quite insignificant in supporting the litres of water. To counter this, the manufacturers ensured the tanks come along with graduated thickness on their walls making them hold water regardless of the pressure or weight. To add more strength, they also used circular hoops around the tanks to ensure that these offer the force required for the equal distribution of pressure vertically in the tanks.
  2. Manufactured Using Considerate Materials – Another key factor about slimline tanks is that their manufacturing is thoughtful of the functionality of the tanks. The manufacturers are quite aware that most of their consumers purchase the tanks as a water storage facility. The water stored can be used for drinking, cooking, washing as well as other home related activities. With this in mind, they have ensured that they use Ultra Violet stabilised polyethene which is virgin food grade. This means that the material employed in the construction of the slimline tanks can store water without affecting its taste or smell. Consumers, therefore, do not need to worry about the smell or taste of plastic in their water as this is thoroughly catered for by the manufacturers. The water is therefore compatible with drinking and general home usage.

Storing my household

Last year I was offered a really awesome 12-month work secondment in New York, but of course I couldn't take all of my stuff over there as I have a 4 bedroom house here and I sure wasn't able to afford that in New York! I had to go through the process of packing everything up so that I was able to rent a furnished place over there then come back to all of my belongings. This blog is all about how to be an efficient packer and how to store your items properly if you are heading away for a period of time.