Storage Containers Every Book Collector Should Avoid

Posted on: 27 June 2017

As an avid book lover, you likely collect not only the books you want to read, but the books you have already read and that have special meaning to you. This may include collector editions, rare prints, and signed editions. Over time, this collection may be a bit too much to keep in your home, especially if you have limited space. If you are considering self storage options for your book collection, then there are a few self storage container options you should avoid if you want to maintain your collection's integrity.

Cardboard Boxes

Your first thought may be to grab a few cardboard boxes from the local store. Though this may work in your home, a storage environment presents a number of issues. The first issue is pest control. If you want to keep rodents, roaches, and other pests away from your books, then stay away from cardboard. The cardboard attracts certain types of bugs and can be easily eaten through by rodents looking for something to eat.  

In addition to pest issues, you may also have issues with the boxes breaking down easily and becoming easily damaged from humidity. Cardboard boxes aren't airtight, and they only provide a simple outer layer of protection to your books rather than maintaining the integrity by keeping the books safe from outside issues like mould, mildew and water damage.

Shelving Units

You may think the best way to avoid issues with cardboard boxes and totes is to simply go with an open shelving unit. In many ways, this may make sense, but only if you are in a climate controlled storage facility. If you are using a traditional storage shed or storage building, you could be inviting issues and damage to your books. This is due to leaving your books totally bare to the elements in the unit like humidity during seasonal temperature changes. There are exceptions to this; for example, you may not have to worry about climate control if you live in an area that does not have drastic climate changes throughout the year. But ideally, you would only use the shelving units if you are using air tight boxes that stack easily and moisture absorbing packets or tubs in the unit.

You would want to avoid all of these issues by storing your books in a climate controlled unit with adjustable controls for seasonal weather changes. However, the fact is, these types of units are not always available and they may be out of your price range. If you run into availability issues, go with containers that are labelled to keep out moisture and pests. These insurances will put you on the right track to maintaining your collections integrity.


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