Don't Make These Mistakes When Trying to Save Money on a Self-Storage Unit

Posted on: 24 April 2017

A self-storage unit is a great way to open up space in your home, especially if you find you're always tripping over sporting goods, out-of-season clothes, and other items you simply don't use on a regular basis. These units are also good for organizing items and getting boxes out of the way when you're packing up for a move.

While it's good to note various ways you can save money on such a unit, you also don't want to do anything that would put your items at risk while being stored. Note a few mistakes to avoid when trying to save money on a self-storage unit so you can avoid these mistakes yourself.

Using furniture as shelving

To save money on the size of your storage unit, you may want to stack boxes and other items as high as possible, but you need to be careful and don't want to use your furniture as shelving. Lightweight boxes can easily collapse under the heavy weight of boxes stacked on them, or the boxes may come off balance and topple. Dining room table and chair legs also might collapse under the weight of boxes and other furniture items and can also easily get scratched and even chipped. When you take your things out of storage, you may notice items that are broken or scratched or otherwise ruined because you stacked items on top of each other haphazardly. Avoid this problem by getting a unit that's large enough for your needs rather than treating your furniture like shelving.

Not investing in a climate controlled unit

If you're storing paperwork, artwork, linens, upholstered furniture, and other such items, you want to invest in a climate controlled unit. This will keep humidity from building up in the unit and causing water or moisture damage; fabrics can allow mould and mildew to form, and papers can also get mildewed when stored in a unit with high humidity levels. To preserve your items, pay the extra amount for a fully sealed unit whose temperature you can control.

Not using a facility with strong security

Ensure that you choose a facility with controlled access; this should be a gate with a code or key or other such restrictions for entering. There should also be 24-hour monitoring included; this might mean a security guard, or it can simply mean lots of security cameras. Don't skimp on the security offered, as this will ensure your items are protected while in storage and reduce the risk of theft or vandalism.


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